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QuintessenceLabs, Tech Mahindra and BT Develop QKD-Secured, End-to-End Video Messaging Application

(APNews) QuintessenceLabs has announced its partnership with Tech Mahindra and BT in the development of an end-to-end video messaging application secured by QKD. This capability is part of UKQNtel – the UK’s testbed for Quantum Key Distribution, launched last week.
Tech Mahindra’s Makers Lab developed the peer-to-peer video communication and file transfer application. The solution works by creating a secure room to enable communication protected with keys that are provided by QuintessenceLabs’ qCrypt Key Management Server. Once the key is synchronized, any communications are secure and un-hackable.
“Quantum communications will deliver the highest level of security, keeping our sensitive data secure from sophisticated attacks including those from quantum computers,” stated Dr. Vikram Sharma, Founder and CEO of QuintessenceLabs. “QuintessenceLabs is delighted to participate in this ground-breaking deployment demonstrating the power of quantum key distribution to future users.”
Mike Ashwell, Head of UK Makers Lab said: “Tech Mahindra is delighted to be working with BT and QuintessenceLabs. Whilst this project is in the early development stage, the commercial opportunities are immense; it’s a very exciting time to be involved.”

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