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Qubrid announces quantum computing consulting and professional services for Generative AI and Machine learning

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Qubrid has launched a collection of consulting and professional services focused on helping customers understand quantum computing and how it can be applied to generative AI and machine learning use cases.

The move comes as professional services and consulting make up a large portion of revenue for many companies in quantum as the sector remains in the early innings of its evolution. Several companies (QCI, for example) have their own offerings, and also have partnered with major consulting firms to offer services through those channels.

The new Qubrid offerings, aimed at commercial, government, educational and independent product groups and research labs, include but are not limited to custom tailored research and software development services in:

“With our expertise in Generative AI, Machine Learning and Deep Learning in addition to Quantum Computing, we’re able to develop cutting-edge use cases and help customers offload their software development and testing to focus on their core business objectives,” said Pranay Prakash, CEO of Qubrid. “We can develop algorithms and applications from scratch or leverage and enhance existing algorithms suitable to your industry and for your specific solution. We are uniquely positioned with our Hybrid quantum-classical computing platform, home-grown algorithms and in-house talent to deliver such services effectively.”

Qubrid has been very focused at the intersection of quantum and AI, recently aligning with Nvidia, a chip company that has dominated the early market for generative AI.

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