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Quantumtech TU/e Literally Going Underground

By IQT News posted 05 Feb 2021

(TUE.nl) The Coherence and Quantum Technology group and the Center for Quantum Materials and Technology at TU/e will all be housed in a new building located between the TU/e buildings Flux and Cascade by 2023. The laboratories will be underground, shielded from outside influences that might be disruptive to the experiments.
“A stroke of genius,” says Gerrit Kroesen, dean of Applied Physics. “This puts the group in the heart of our department, in between our buildings. Moreover, by opting for an underground lab, there is no danger of radiation release to surrounding buildings, and outside influences are minimal.”
Physicist Servaas Kokkelmans, director of QT/e and project leader of quantum computing, is excited about the new building. “The absence of influences such as sunlight or above-ground temperature fluctuations is paramount for our interference-sensitive experiments.” Because of the use of temperatures just above absolute zero, Kokkelmans speaks of “the coldest spot in Eindhoven”.
He and his colleagues are currently building a hybrid quantum computer, a cross between a classical computer and one that applies the enormous computing power of the quantum world. This device will be ready in 2024 and will therefore be located in the new lab.
Kokkelmans’ research is part of Quantum Delta NL, in which five major Dutch quantum research centers and affiliated universities and research centers are joining forces. The new building will form the physical Eindhoven ‘hub’ of this, with an exhibition area, among other things, introducing visitors to quantum technology.

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