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Quantum Xchange’s CEO John Prisco Discusses Quantum Computing

( John Prisco, Quantum Xchange’s CEO, discusses the challenges and opportunities presented by quantum computing and the role that quantum key distribution can play moving forwards in this interview. Pricso leads by saying that quantum computers will be a . . “fantastic opportunity in many fields, not least in the pharmaceutical markets. However, when it comes to cryptography and protecting secure communications, they really present themselves as the best weapon in terms of security.” (Note: Prisco will speak on ‘QKD Hardware Markets’ March 20 at the upcoming Inside Quantum Technology event in Boston).
Prisco discussed European Commission’s Quantum Technologies Flagship, saying “Europe is in a really great leadership position ..” Projects like that taking place at the Cambridge lab with Toshiba are also very significant.
He pointed out that the USA investment in quantum technology is”. . nothing compared to what China is doing”.
Prisco discussed Quantum Xchange and its effort to expand its network in the next two years with 800 km of fibre that connect Boston to New York to Philadelphia to Washington DC. We now have 15 co-location sites along that route, so 15 data centres, and our goal is to expand now into the mid-western USA, to the west coast and to the south west and thus create a nationwide quantum communications network.

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