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Quantum Xchange Strengthens Priseda’s National Private Network for Resiliency with Advanced Quantum Security

(PRNewswire) Quantum Xchange has partnered with Priseda, the private and secure data company, to bring its groundbreaking Phio Trusted Xchange (TX) key delivery system to the Priseda Private Digital Network – a fully managed, national private network built for client resiliency. The strategic partnership makes Priseda one of the first managed services providers to offer quantum-safe security solutions as part of its offering.
The Priseda backup and recovery network is used by leading systems integrators, commercial businesses, and government agencies to ensure mission-critical data is continuously protected against natural disaster, cyberattacks, or other business disruptions. Quantum Xchange will provide a quantum-safe encryption architecture to secure the Priseda Network, and the data communications of its clients, with the strongest form of encryption available.
For Priseda’s federal clients and agency partners that must meet government mandates such as Section 3 of the White House Executive Order for Improving the Nation’s Cybersecurity or for those following the emerging role of quantum technologies for security and defense via NATO Article 5, Phio TX helps avoid system obsolescence and capital-intensive rip and replace scenarios by delivering a future-proof solution for protecting data from whatever threat awaits.
“With cyberattacks increasing in volume and sophistication, harvesting attacks happen now, and the age of quantum computing fast approaching, organizations must ramp up cyber defenses and resiliency efforts,” said Robert Henley, CEO of Priseda. “We are pleased to work with Quantum Xchange to deliver our clients a dynamic, quantum-safe solution for future-proofing the security of their data as it travels across the Priseda Network. Together, we offer businesses and agencies a smart evolved approach that minimizes operational overhead and infrastructure costs and keeps data protected today and in the quantum future.”

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