Inside Quantum Technology

Quantum Teleportation Into the Third Dimension

(PhysicsWorld) Physicists in China and Austria have shown for the first time they can teleport multi-dimensional states of photons. The work could improve technology used in quantum communications and quantum computing.
Teleportation – the instantaneous transfer of a state between particles separated by a long distance – involves no physical transfer of matter and erases the state of the particle to be copied. Carrying out experiments using photons encoded via three spatial states, the researchers say their scheme can be extended to arbitrarily high numbers of dimensions and is a vital step in teleporting the entire quantum state of a particle.
Technologically, the researchers say that high-dimensional teleportation could be used to extend quantum communication networks – potentially providing higher bandwidth, more secure repeaters than could be achieved using qubits. It might also speed up logic operations inside quantum computers.

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