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Quantum Technology One of The ‘Lightning Rods’ in The New Tech Cold War

(EE-Times) Quantum technology is one of the lightning rods in the emerging Tech Cold War according to this must-read, extensive article.
The U.S. trade war against China’s technology ambitions has coalesced around intellectual property, with disputes ranging from Chinese abuse of western IP to the very legal concepts underpinning international IP protections.
The American circling of wagons around IP theft is further complicated by the fact that China now leads the world in patents. What distinguishes China’s IP regime “is its unique planned corporate economy, which has long deprived foreign creative companies and individuals the full value of their rights through its market barriers and its intrusive planned economy for technology and IP,” said Mark Cohen, the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office’s first representative in Beijing.
Fifth-generation (5G) wireless and, increasingly, semiconductors have emerged as lightning rods in the emerging Tech Cold War, with artificial intelligence and quantum computing not far behind.

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