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Quantum Technology – Baden-Württemberg Network Established

(HPCWire) In order to strategically position Baden-Württemberg as a research location in this forward-looking area, leading research institutions and institutes have joined together to form a nationwide network. The competence network “Quantum Technology – Baden-Württemberg” (QT BW ) is intended to give the location greater visibility and weight in international competition. The network’s focal points include five central topics: quantum sensors, quantum optics, quantum control, and quantum materials and quantum simulation.
The Baden-Württemberg Foundation funds cross-location research projects from this network with five million euros. The QT BW receives an additional one million euros from the Ministry of Science and Art to finance the network activities(MWK) Baden-Wuerttemberg. The network partners include seven state universities as well as a Fraunhofer and a Max Planck Institute.
Baden-Württemberg wants to expand its position as a global player. The central mandate of the quantum network is to promote the research, development and application of quantum technologies. “We need an overarching umbrella strategy in order to fully develop the potential of this future technology. Numerous spin-off companies in the USA but also in Europe are evidence of the high level of dynamism in this field.

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