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Quantum Technology and Its Impact On Global Space Security

(SpaceWatchGlobal) Cyberattacks are exponentially increasing over time, improving the security of communications is crucial for guaranteeing the protection of sensitive information for states and individuals. For states, securing communications is mandatory for a strategic geopolitical influence.
The world’s first quantum-enabled satellite is the Chinese Satellite (Micius). The purpose of the mission is to investigate space-based quantum communications for a couple of years in order to create future hack-proof communication networks. Micius satellite works by firing a laser through a crystal creating a pair in a state of entanglement. A half of each pair is sent to two separate stations on earth.
The Quantum communication in Military and defense will enable China to be a strong leader in military sophistication and it will empower its geopolitical influence, decreasing by that the US authority. By 2030, China aims to establish a network of quantum satellites supporting a quantum internet.
China has already started the economic and technological development while US foreign policy is declining her dominance on the global geopolitical scene. Technically, Quantum technological development will speed up a multipolar power balance in international relations.
USA is also making research on Quantum Technologies but the US investments remains limited compared to ones in China and Europe. Which is making China the leader in quantum communication. But the USA recognizes the importance of this filed and started making more efforts technically and financially. But the question remains, who will be able to reach the frontier before?

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