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Quantum Technologies to Secure Mobile Handsets

(IDQuantiqueBlog) Increasingly powerful handsets and ubiquitous access to next gen 4G and 5G networks has empowered users worldwide to work and play whenever and wherever they want. However, a mobile existence is not without its risks. With our entire lives accessible from our phones, we are potentially exposing a wide variety of personally identifiable, sensitive or confidential information to cybercriminals.

Mobile handset manufacturers, service providers and application developers are working to improve mobile security.

In this excellent, must-read blog, IDQuantique discusses the mobile quantum revolution and its integral involvement:
With the arrival of 5G handsets and the miniaturization of quantum security technologies, we are now seeing the emergence of a new generation of secure mobile applications. In May 2020, IDQ and SK Telecom announced the first mobile implementation of the Quantis QRNG chip in the Samsung Galaxy A Quantum handset. By July 2020, the chip was also featured in the new Vsmart Aris 5G smartphone.
A month later, SK Telecom announced the introduction of the first mobile banking app based on 5G quantum technologies. The IM Bank app enables customers to safely protect their personal information when transferring money or opening accounts using secure ID authentication. Finally, in December 2020, Standard Chartered Bank announced customers with the new Samsung Galaxy A Quantum handset would be able to benefit from the built-in QRNG chip, delivering the strongest possible levels of encryption and data protection.
Contact information is provided at conclusion of blog for those wanting to learn more about IDQuantique’s ongoing contribution to mobile quantum security.

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