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Quantum Technologies Stand to Revolutionize Government Security

(GCN) Quantum information technologies stand to revolutionize government security.
Deloitte Insights’ offers a way for nontechnical government leaders to start learning about quantum information science through its “The realist’s guide to quantum technology and national security”.
Even with much of QIS still in the research phase, agencies can start to prepare for the technologies in two ways. 1) Tey can have employees familiarize themselves with QIS and explore the challenges it might solve. That includes evaluating existing data and deciding whether it must remain encrypted in a post-quantum computing world.
2) The second way is to maintain solid cyber hygiene and strong cybersecurity. Quantum computing will likely be able to crack today’s encryption schemes, so securing agency systems will keep adversaries from stealing data to decrypt.
The US Department of Energy budget request documents explained, “QIS is currently at the threshold of a potentially disruptive revolution, creating opportunities and challenges for the Nation, as growing international interest and investments are starting a global quantum race. DOE envisions a future in which the cross-cutting field of QIS increasingly drives scientific frontiers and innovations toward realizing the full potential of quantum-based applications, from computing to sensing, connected through a quantum internet.”

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