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Quantum Technologies Now Part of Military’s Future Roadmap

(ZDNet) Australia’s Department of Defence has been taking steps to explore ways it can leverage quantum technology, not only for warfare but other areas too.
“Quantum technology is being and will be used in areas such as natural resources, civil engineering, pharmacology, early detection of diseases and medical research, logistics, and finance. Ultimately, quantum technology will pervade every aspect of our lives,” a Department of Defence spokesperson told ZDNet.
Other ways Defence intends to explore and exploit the opportunity that quantum technology has been outlined in the Army Quantum Technology Roadmap [PDF]. It highlights that some potential applications of quantum technology could include sensing and imaging, communications and cryptography, and computing and simulation.
Quantum technologies could help military planners, but they might also throw out some unexpected consequences.
To further explore quantum technology, the Australian Army ran its inaugural Quantum Technology Challenge last year, which saw teams of Australia’s quantum scientists and engineers compete to show how quantum technologies could be conceptually delivered. The specific challenges that were set involved making the ground “transparent” through quantum imaging, resupplying troops while on the battlefield using autonomous ground vehicles, and securing communications through quantum encryption.
The department added that Australia could run the risk of being left behind if quantum technology developed in the country is not supported.
“Australia has world-leading expertise in many areas of quantum technology. These need to continue to be supported and developed in order to avoid Australia being left behind,” the spokesperson said.

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