Inside Quantum Technology

Quantum Tech Research in Sensing & Radar Opening New Multidimensional Applications

Illustration of a satellite orbiting the earth

(CommunalNews) GPS systems are probably the most critical systems in the world for modern logistics, industrial, and military operations. The on-demand world requires GPS to deliver up-to-date location and tracking services. They also offer the ability for smart weapons to hit their designated targets while limiting collateral damage. The global arms race using quantum applications such as quantum sensing for GPS and quantum radar is on and it will open new multidimensional warfare applications.
Currently, there are over 2 billion devices depending on the GPS signal. It is predicted by the year 2022 the number will quadruple to 7 billion devices dependencies on GPS technology. GPS failure would also put smartphones, airplane navigation, maritime and emergency services out of sync.
Quantum teleporting is in the works to establish source methods of communications and to synchronize military systems in the battlefield. A quantum computer is any device for computation. It makes use of distinctively quantum mechanical phenomena, using superposition and entanglement, to perform operations on data.
MIT is the developer of the theory for the underpinning quantum radar. Once it is in use, the device will be deployed and will another component of the stealth technology.
In Canada, the University of Waterloo is working on a machine that generates pairs of photons; whilst the particles of light share a single quantum state, a change in one photon, gives influence on the state of another even if separated.

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