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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 73: Zhanet Zaharieva, Chief Operating Officer of Quantum Dice

My latest Quantum Tech Pod with Zhanet Zaharieva, Chief Operating Officer of Quantum Dice, is live!

Zhanet earned a DPhil from the University of Oxford in Materials Science where she designed novel methods for the development of quantum dot technologies.

As the result of creating a patent application from her doctoral research, Zhanet began considering how to translate her academic quantum research into real world applications. She strongly believes that sharing scientific discoveries with society is a key responsibility of scientists. The result? Quantum Dice!

Her company is developing the world’s fastest self-certifying and completely embedded quantum random number generator – QRNG. Founded in April 2020, Quantum Dice was spun out of the world’s leading quantum optics group at the University of Oxford.

As COO, she was involved in scaling the start-up from five founding members to a team of twenty in under two years. In addition, her external role involved business development for large enterprises including securing a commercial contract with HSBC for exploring QRNGs in Monte Carlo simulations.

As a result of her work in the sector, she has recently been awarded Electronics Weekly’s Electronics Entrepreneur of the Year. She hopes to use her platform to further promote STEM subjects among young women as they navigate their careers.

Check out my fascinating conversation with Zhanet!

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