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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 69: Jan Goetz, Co-founder & CEO, IQM Quantum Computers

Quantum Tech Pod host Christopher Bishop interviews IQM CEO Jan Goetz for the newest podcast episode.

Quantum Tech Pod host Christopher Bishop interviews IQM CEO Jan Goetz for the newest podcast episode.

My latest Quantum Tech Pod with Jan Goetz, Co-CEO of leading quantum company IQM Quantum Computers is live! 

Jan is a quantum physicist who earned his superconducting quantum circuits doctorate at Technical University of Munich.

His company IQM Quantum Computers was founded in 2018 and is building Finland’s first commercial 54-qubit quantum computer using superconducting transmon qubits working with VTT and an IQM-led consortium.

IQM aims to provide on-premises quantum computers for research labs and industrial clients with a unique application-specific code design approach to maximize hardware efficiency.

We discussed IQM Quantum Computers‘ product offerings, including the flagship quantum computer “Radiance” for high-performance computing centers and the educational “Spark” model designed for universities and R&D applications. 

Jan called out the challenges in talent recruitment, emphasizing the need for diverse skill sets beyond theoretical and experimental physics, including product management and marketing.

He envisions a gradual development of quantum computing, with increasing commercial viability and broader applications over the next decade.

Check out my wide-ranging conversation with Jan!

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