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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 56: Quantum Sensors Roundtable-Stuart Woods (Quantum Exponential), Niall Holmes (Cerca Magnetics), Pete Stirling (Delta g)

Christopher Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod is a roundtable discussion on the exciting state of quantum sensors. Guests included Stuart Woods, Chief Operating and Strategy Officer, Quantum Exponential ; Niall Holmes, Founder and Scientific Advisor, Cerca Magnetics Limited, and Pete Stirling, CEO at Delta g.

Cerca Magnetics Limited has created OPM-MEG – the world’s most advanced functional brain scanner – an integrated, #3D printable wearable device leveraging quantum sensors to provide “a revolutionary product to transform the neuroimaging landscape.” This device measures magnetic fields at 50 locations around the scalp, offering complete brain coverage.  The initial focus is detecting childhood epilepsy.

Delta g’s cutting-edge underground imaging system leverages quantum technology to measure gravity gradients beneath the earth’s surface. Use cases include mapping as-built utility infrastructure, improving the monitoring of sinking buildings from climate change or seismic activity, and discovering hidden natural resources.

Quantum Exponential has invested in Delta g and also sponsored the Institute of Physics’ qBIG prize which Cerca Magnetics won.

These companies are providing transformative, real-world applications of quantum sensors. Stuart shared his perspective on why, from a VC perspective, these are such exciting times for quantum sensors.

Check out this fascinating conversation about the current state and future potential of quantum sensors! 


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