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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 51: Quantum Internet Roundtable with Duncan Earl (Qubitekk) and David Wade (EPB)

Chris Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with Duncan Earl, President & CTO of Qubitekk, Inc., and David Wade, President & CEO, EPB is live!

Chris led a roundtable discussion on the exciting partnership between EPB and Qubitekk to develop the EBP Quantum Network in Chattanooga, Tennessee – America’s first industry-led, commercially available quantum network.

EPB Quantum Network offers quantum-as-a-service to provide quantum technologists with fiber optic infrastructure using the latest quantum equipment and software to accelerate bringing quantum technologies to market.

The network leverages Qubitekk, Inc.’s Bohr-IV, a proprietary system that generates, transmits, and measures qubits. The team is also partnering with Aliro Quantum to use their quantum network controller.

To address workforce challenges, they launched Gig City Goes Quantum, an event designed to introduce, educate, and encourage more people to pursue careers in this emerging technology.

Check out Chris’s conversation on the future of quantum networks with Duncan and Dave.

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