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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 50: infinityQ CEO Aurélie Hélouis

Chris Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with Aurélie Hélouis, CEO and Founder infinityQ Technology Inc is live!

At age 24, Aurélie was the Deputy Head Officer of the Rafale jet aircraft maintenance workshop for the French navy where she served for 16 years. After moving to Montreal, she received her MBA from McGill and then worked at the Quebec Artificial Intelligence Institute where in 2019, she founded infinityQ.

Aurélie described how skills she learned in the Navy have helped her as a tech entrepreneur – managing complicated situations in a stressful environment, the importance of anticipating problems and doing whatever it takes to complete the mission.

Her advice to women interested in getting into quantum? “Don’t let anyone define who you are or what you want to do. If you want to do quantum, don’t let anyone stand between you and your dreams – just do it!”

Her company’s proprietary #Ising machine is fast and easy to use compared to other current quantum-inspired technologies. They create artificial atoms that make circuits that behave like a quantum system.

Check out Chris’s conversation with Aurélie!

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