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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 42: Dr. Dana Anderson, CSO, Infleqtion

The latest podcast episode focuses on Infleqtion CSO Dana Anderson and his story.

Chris Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with Dana Anderson, Co-founder and Chief Strategy Officer, ColdQuanta Infleqtion is live! His father was a physicist and professor at the U of Chicago and worked with Enrico Fermi! Dana got a Ph.D. in quantum optics at the U of Arizona and started guiding cold atoms through hollow core optical fibers in the mid-1990s. Excited about the tremendous potential of the Bose-Einstein Condensate, he founded ColdQuanta in 2007. Today, the company has a wide-ranging portfolio that includes Hilbert – a gate-based quantum computer that uses lasers to cool ions to extremely low temps – and Albert – a cloud-accessible BEC implementation specifically targeting the development of sensing (inertial and RF) and quantum signal processing. Take a listen to this great conversation!

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