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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 40: Quantinuum Chief Scientist Bob Coecke

Chris Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with Bob Coecke, Chief Scientist, Quantinuum is live! Bob initially studied architecture and engineering but, after an internship, discovered he didn’t like it and moved to physics where he got a PhD. Bob and Chris discussed ZX calculus (a key element of TKET), category theory, Quantum Foundations, linear logic, Quantum-native natural language processing, this year’s Nobel Prize in Physics, and Categorical Quantum Mechanics (CQM). Btw – Bob has a new book coming out in a couple of weeks called “Quantum in Pictures” designed to make quantum understandable to both the general public as well as High School students. Look for it on Amazon. And take a listen to the conversation!

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Quantum in Pictures

Coecke’s book available soon on Kindle, and early January paper copies


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