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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 39: Qunnect CEO Noel Goddard

Chris Bishop’s latest Quantum Tech Pod with Noel Goddard, CEO, Qunnect is live! Noel was an avid sportbike motorcyclist for 10 years in a former life! She is also a serial entrepreneur who founded/led two biotech startup companies and was a seed investor with the Accelerate NY Seed Fund – she built a portfolio of 24 companies across deep technology and life science sectors. In 2021, Qunnect introduced the world’s first commercial quantum memory, the cornerstone of their Quantum Repeater product suite providing long-distance distribution of entanglement over existing telecom infrastructure. Plus – they recently received a Series A funding round of over $8M, led by Airbus Ventures, with additional participation from Quantonation and SandboxAQ. Check out the conversation!

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