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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 19: Multiverse Computing CTO Sam Mugel

This episode of the Quantum Tech Pod featured an interview with Neils Bultink, CEO & Co-Founder, Qblox.
By IQT News posted 24 Feb 2022

Quantum Tech Pod Host Chris Bishop today interviews Multiverse Computing CTO Sam Mugel.

Sam Mugel, CTO of Multiverse computing is an expert in quantum computing and quantum machine learning. His PhD was jointly awarded by ICFO (Spain) and the University of Southampton (UK). Formerly Computational physicist at Cortirio UK), Scientific Advisor at The Quantum Revolution Fund, and Founder and CTO at Groundstate Consulting.

Multiverse Computing is a leading quantum software company that applies quantum and quantum-inspired solutions to tackle complex problems in finance to deliver value today and enable a more resilient and prosperous economy. The company’s expertise in quantum control and computational methods as well as finance means it can secure maximum results from current quantum devices. Its flagship product, Singularity, allows financial professionals to leverage quantum computing with common software tools. The company is headquartered in San Sebastian, Spain with offices in Toronto, Canada and Paris.

IQT hopes that our conversation with Sam Mugel will make this an interesting, informative and worthwhile talk for you.


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