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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 16: Andrew Horsley, Quantum Brilliance Co-Founder & CEO

(QuantumTechPod) Host Chris Bishop, today interviews Dr. Andrew Horsley, Quantum Brilliance Co-Founder & CEO.
Andrew is the founder and applied quantum physicist, working on room temperature quantum computing using NV centres in diamond with 8+ years’ experience leading projects to develop quantum technologies for computing, communications and sensing. He was a postdoctoral fellow at the Australian National University 2017-2020 and concentrated on developing  practical technologies for quantum information processing, using nitrogen vacancy centres in diamond. He worked between two pioneering groups at the forefront of diamond quantum technologies: the Doherty group at the Australian National University, and the Wrachtrup group at the University of Stuttgart, Germany.
Quantum Brilliance is a venture-backed Australian-German quantum computing hardware company, providing diamond quantum accelerators supported by a full stack of software and application tools. Quantum Brilliance’s vision to enable mass deployment of quantum accelerators will propel industries to harness edge computing applications and next generation supercomputers. Quantum Brilliance’s international partnerships extend into North America, Europe and the Asia Pacific, working with governments, supercomputing centres, research organisations and industry leaders.

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