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Quantum Tech Pod Episode 13: Pete Shadbolt, PsiQuantum Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer

(QuantumTechPod) Host Chris Bishop, today interviews Pete Shadbolt, PsiQuantum Co-Founder and Chief Scientific Officer.
Pete Shadbolt is a cofounder of PsiQuantum. As Chief Scientific Officer, Pete oversees the application and implementation of all technology and scientific related polices and procedures that are vital to the success of PsiQuantum, a Palo Alto-based startup building a general-purpose silicon photonic quantum computer. Pete earned his PhD in experimental photonic quantum computing from the University of Bristol in 2014.
PsiQuantum was founded on the premise that if you want a useful quantum computer, you need fault tolerance and error correction, and therefore ~1,000,000 physical qubits– to address commercially useful quantum computing applications. While there are many different approaches to building small numbers of qubits, the photonic approach taken by PsiQuantum has profound technical advantages at the scale required for error correction.
IQT hopes that our conversation with Pete Shadbolt, PsiQuantum Co-Founder and CSO will make this an interesting, informative and worthwhile talk for you.

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