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Quantum Software Developer Riverlane One of Deep Tech Startups Spun Out of Cambridge’s Silicon-Fen

( The University of Cambridge has developed a reputation for spinning out high-tech startups, and thanks to its world-class science research and innovation programmes. Research by Global University Venturing found that the University of Cambridge raised the highest capital investment from its spinout companies among the world’s universities.
The city of Cambridge is home to many deep tech startups on the cutting edge of verticals such as medtech & biotech, semiconductors, and quantum computing. This article featured 10 of the tech startups that were more recently coming out of Cambridge’s Silicon-Fen. One of those is devoted to quantum technology and that is:
Riverlane – Once quantum computers become a fully functional reality, overcoming the hurdles of noise and cryogenic temperatures, their increase in speed is expected to give them the ability to solve seemingly impossible problems in fields from chemistry to astrophysics. Riverlane is developing quantum software for use as a simulation engine to replace expensive laboratory tests in areas such as materials design and drug discovery. Riverlane’s software leverages the capabilities of the quantum computer in the same way that graphics processing units (GPUs) accelerate machine learning workloads, to accelerate the simulation of quantum systems. Founded in 2017, Riverlane just raised a €3.7 million round in June.

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