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Quantum Shorts Announces Members of Review Panel of Flash Competition Contest

(QuantumShorts) The Quantum Shorts flash fiction competition is moving into the review stage and the shortlisting panel has been announced
Submissions closed on 29 February 2020, and all the eligible entries have been published. Writers from all over the world responded to the fiction call and sent in 650 quantum-inspired stories.
The members of the shortlisting panel are physicists and communicators from leading quantum research centres around the world. They bring a wealth of experience between them, from expertise in quantum cryptography, to experience in science museums and training in archaeology. You can read more about the panel here. With all the amazing stories submitted this year, we honestly don’t envy the task that awaits them!
The shortlisting panel will judge the submissions based on four criteria: storyline, creative use of the constraint (“things used to be so simple”), link to quantum physics, and quality of writing. Ultimately, they have to choose just ten.
The shortlisted stories will be announced in May.
The shortlist panelists are:
–Andrew Hanson
–Ben McAllister
–David Hutchinson
–Georgia Mortzou
–Jenny Hogan
–John Donohue
–Joshua Slater
–Spiros Michalakis
–Tara Roberson

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