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Quantum Sensing One of the “Top 10 Emerging Technologies of 2020” by World Economic Forum & Scientific American

(UMMID) The World Economic Forum and Scientific American sifted through more than 75 nominations for the most innovative and potentially game-changing technologies in 2020. They selected the “top 10 emerging technologies” after experts whittled down scores of nominations to a select group of new developments with the potential to spur real progress.

Quantum Sensing is one of the ten  technologies identified:
Imagine self-driving cars that can “see” around corners, or portable scanners that can monitor a person’s brain activity. Quantum sensing could make these things and much more a reality. Quantum sensors operate with extreme levels of precision by exploiting the quantum nature of matter — for example, using the difference between electrons in different energy states as a base unit.

The ten technologies are:

  1. Microneedles for painless injections & tests
  2. Sun-powered chemistry
  3. Virtual patients
  4. Spatial computing
  5. Digital medicine
  6. Electric aviaition
  7. Lower-carbon cement
  8. Quantum sensing
  9. Green hydrogen
  10. Whole genome synthesis

Click here for the full report from Scientific American and the World Economic Forum.

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