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Quantum Science Advances Could Change Face of National Security

By IQT News posted 13 Feb 2019

(WashingtonTimes) Scientists are building computers that use entangled quantum bits (called, “qubits”) to complete calculations that were once thought impossible and at speeds never imagined.
Scientists are also developing quantum sensors designed to detect stealth aircraft solely by the atmospheric disturbance they create in flying.
Such advances can be a boon to U.S. national security. But if one of our global competitors makes the breakthroughs first, they may pose a great threat to the U.S.; China is making a real run at gaining the quantum advantage. Many of the largest promises of quantum science remain elusive and may ultimately prove unobtainable in the near- to mid-term. Even so, this science is advancing sufficiently to warrant our leaders’ deliberate engagement to assure that the United States will thrive in the emerging quantum future.
The U.S. private sector is the world’s quantum science powerhouse. However, Beijing has made achieving quantum advantage a national “megaproject” — one they are backing with a reported $10 billion investment in it National Laboratory for Quantum Information Sciences. America’s current advantage isn’t guaranteed. To ensure our future national security, the U.S. will need to assure an economic environment that respects the rule of law and rewards private enterprise.

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