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Quantum-Safe Security Firm evolutionQ Publishes Research Report on Quantum Random Number Generators

(PRWeb) evolutionQ published a research report on Quantum Random Number Generators (QRNGs) that is freely available for download on the evolutionQ website ( The vendor-neutral research report covers market use cases and technical descriptions of the various types of QRNGs available in the market.
QRNGs are a new class of random-number generators (RNGs), part of the larger class of quantum technologies that include quantum computers themselves. QNRGs exploit quantum physical processes to produce high-quality, testable, genuine randomness.
The report, written by evolutionQ, explores the features of QRNGs as compared to traditional RNGs and is intended as a guide for those making design, architecture, and policy decisions for today’s cybersecurity systems. The report is based on input from several experts in the fields of RNGs and QRNGs, both from industry and academia, who were asked to express an opinion about aspects of QRNGs that set them apart from classical RNGs.
“QRNGs bring additional choices to the array of random number generators already available for real-world deployment,” said Dr. Michele Mosca, CEO of evolutionQ. “In this report we took a balanced approach by interviewing various QRNG vendors as well as end-users of Random Number Generators to explore areas where QRNGs are advantaged and disadvantaged in today’s market.”
“Random numbers, numbers that do not follow any pattern and cannot be guessed, are critical for many real-world applications,” said Duncan Jones, Head of Quantum Cybersecurity, Cambridge Quantum Computing (, one of the QRNG vendors interviewed for the report. “QRNGs are an important emerging technology because they offer verifiable and true randomness. This is especially important in today’s cloud computing environment, where applications that rely on random numbers for security reasons or fairness reasons can too easily and inadvertently be supplied with low-quality randomness sources when they move to the cloud.”
evolutionQ’s report on Quantum Random Number Generators is freely available for download on the evolutionQ website.

About evolutionQ:
evolutionQ is a leading quantum-safe cybersecurity company led by world-renowned quantum computing experts Dr. Michele Mosca and Dr. Norbert Lütkenhaus. evolutionQ delivers quantum-risk management strategy and advisory services along with robust cybersecurity products designed to be safe against quantum computers. For more information, visit or follow @evolutionQInc on Twitter.

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