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Quantum-Safe and Privacy-Preserving Blockchain Protocol MatRiCT Licensed to Cryptocurrency Developer Hcash

(ZDNet) The Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organisation’s (CSIRO) Data61 has announced alongside the Monash Blockchain Technology Centre a blockchain protocol they claim is secure against quantum computers while also protecting the privacy of its users and their transactions.
The protocol, MatRiCT, is patented by CSIRO and now licensed to Australian cryptocurrency developer Hcash.
HCASH will be incorporating the protocol into its own systems and transforming its existing cryptocurrency, HyperCash, into one that is claimed to be quantum safe and privacy protecting, but according to Data61, the technology could be applied to more than cryptocurrencies.

The Hcash website explains: HCASH supports multiple post quantum signature schemes, and is compatible with traditional ECDSA signatures, providing a high-level security protection scheme for users in a future quantum computing environment.

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