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Quantum-Resistant Security Was Important Yesterday

(ThalesSecurity) Quantum computing is advancing rapidly, and its impact is likely to be large. Business and technology strategists should monitor progress on the evolution and potential implications of quantum computing starting now. Confidential data, over-the-air software updates, identity management systems, connected devices, and anything else with long-term security obligations must be made quantum safe before large quantum computers are finally developed. Quantum-resistant security was important yesterday.
As quantum computers continue to improve, enterprises and the general public will become increasingly aware of the threat they pose to the cryptographic systems that underpin all digital security globally. We will see a greater focus on crypto agility, or the ability to update cryptographic algorithms, keys and certificates quickly in response to advances in cracking techniques and processing speed. To prepare for these inevitable cryptographic updates, more enterprises than ever before will explore automation as a critical component for ensuring future-proofed security.
Take a moment to imagine a global leak, an explosion of data unlike anything we’ve experienced to date, where the innermost secrets of virtually every government, corporation, and entity on the planet become publicly available. Then combine this with the collapse of all trust on the internet. What would result is an undeniable destabilization of cyberspace and geopolitical stability.

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