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Quantum Radar Systems Would Provide Detail Yet Be Difficult to Detect on Battlefield

(PopularMechanics) A new high definition radar system that could change the nature of warfare has been demonstrated for the first time. The result, quantum radar, is a high definition detection system that provides a much more detailed image of targets while itself remaining difficult to detect.
Today’s radars can detect targets very well, but provide little detail. Quantum radars, on the other hand, could provide enough detail for radar systems to identify the object based on physical characteristics.
quantum radars: they emit very little energy and are thus difficult to detect. All contemporary radars emit electromagnetic radiation to detect objects. This radiation, while detectable, also makes the radar itself detectable. A lack of detectability offers a distinct tactical advantage in warfare. A friendly quantum radar could detect a flight of enemy aircraft without revealing its own presence.
Three experts polled by Engineering and Technology, anti-stealth claims are a “gross oversimplication” and the main advantage of quantum radar is the high definition aspect.

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