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Quantum Optics-Based Camera from HKUST Will View Information from Deep Space

By IQT News posted 16 Apr 2019

(AsiaTimes) Hong Kong University of Science and Technology is building quantum optics-based camera will look at previously undetectable signals from deep space that lie billions of light years away from Earth and astronomers hope it will one day decipher information emitted from black holes.
HKUST professor and Nobel laureate George Smoot said the camera will first be tested at an automated telescope at Assy Turgen Observatory, the national weather forecaster of Kazakhstan, which is 2,750 meters above sea level on the Assy-Turgen plateau. It will be one of the key projects of the newly founded Quantum Optics for Astrophysics and Cosmology Laboratory at HKUST that is headed by Professor Smoot.
Conventional telescopes cannot reveal micro movements and the intrinsic characteristics of photons, single quanta of light that are fundamental to the illustration and interpretation of cosmological events.
“Quantum optics appears to have the potential of providing another information channel about the universe, fundamentally different from imaging and spectroscopy,” he said. “The impact of this camera that we are now building lies not only in the areas of cosmology and astrophysics, but also on material research and quantum communication.”

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