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A Quantum Optical Ground Station Positions Australia As Leader in Quantum Space Communications

(OpenGovAsia) The Quantum Optical Ground Station will help researchers and industry better access unused data about the Universe as well as enable better monitoring of the planet. A first for Australia, the station comes with AU$ 800,000 in ACT Government funding.
The new station will develop technologies that enable license free and secure high-bandwidth data transmission to and from space. The ANU station will be the first in an Australian network of optical ground stations, with partners in Western Australia, South Australia, ACT and New Zealand.
This new station will help position Australia and the ACT as one of the world’s leading centres in the burgeoning field of quantum space communications, and boost the nation’s space efforts.
More importantly, it will help launch Australia’s space communications capacity, allowing for the opportunity to tap into multi-billion space communications markets across the globe.

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