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Quantum News Briefs July 1: SandboxAQ joins FIDO Alliance to further drive use of secure protocols instead of passwords • IQM Quantum Computers opens quantum data center in Germany • China’s quantum thermometer to measure temperatures close to 6 milli-Kelvin • Scientists use quantum annealer to model a real-life quantum material

IQT News — Quantum News Briefs
By Sandra Helsel posted 01 Jul 2024

News Briefs:

SandboxAQ joins FIDO Alliance to further drive use of secure protocols instead of passwords

‍SandboxAQ announced June 28 that it has joined the FIDO Alliance, an open industry association with the mission of reducing the world’s reliance on passwords – one of the most common sources of security and usability issues. SandboxAQ will collaborate with other key FIDO Alliance members, such as Amazon, Apple, Google, Intel, Microsoft, RSA, VISA, or Yubico and others to further improve and evolve the FIDO2 protocol.
“The FIDO Alliance welcomes SandboxAQ to its growing roster of identity cybersecurity experts dedicated to protecting the world’s most sensitive data through the use of stronger authentication solutions that eliminate reliance on passwords,” said Andrew Shikiar, CEO of the FIDO Alliance. “Contributions of SandboxAQ’s expertise in encryption management and post-quantum security stand to help the FIDO Alliance ensure web authentication remains secure against current and future cyber threats, including those posed by quantum computers.”
SandboxAQ believes that Modern Cryptography Management, and modern user authentication protocols such as FIDO are intrinsically related. The FIDO Alliance promotes the development and use of open standards for user authentication that base their security on cryptographic keys and protocols instead of traditional passwords.

IQM Quantum Computers opens quantum data center in Germany to support industry applications

IQM Quantum Computers (IQM) announced June 21 the opening of its first quantum data centre in Munich, Germany, to support industry applications, with plans to place up to 12 quantum computers in the data centre.
At present, the data centre is equipped with two of IQM’s quantum computers, manufactured at its commercial chip production and assembly line in Finland.
The facility, housed in the company’s Munich premises, underlines IQM’s commitment to continuous research and development for quantum hardware architectures, error correction, and algorithms.
The quantum data center supports IQM´s recently announced cloud offering and will serve customers around the world with high-quality and ultrafast quantum computers. The new infrastructure will provide a stable and secure environment to host also future generations of IQM´s quantum computers.

In Other News:

Interesting Engineering repeort on “China’s quantum thermometer to measure temperatures close to 6 milli-Kelvin”

Chinese researchers at the Anhui Quantum Computing Engineering Research Center.achieved a breakthrough in quantum computing with a high-performance ruthenium oxide thermometer resistant to interference, according to reporting from Interesting Engineering.
The thermometer developed by QuantumCTek achieves a starting temperature near 6 millikelvin (mK), setting a new record in China and advancing the country’s ultra-low temperature measurement technology for superconducting quantum computing to the global forefront.
Quantum states are extremely delicate. Even the smallest temperature variation can cause quantum information loss. Therefore, accurate monitoring of a quantum chip’s temperature is crucial for ensuring stable operation of quantum computers.
Using ruthenium oxide thermometers to monitor a quantum chip’s temperature is essential for ensuring stable quantum computer operation and improving the accuracy and reliability of their calculations.

In Other News: SciTechDaily reports “Scientists use quantum annealer to model a real-life quantum material”

Scientists have utilized a quantum annealer to simulate quantum materials effectively, marking a crucial development in applying quantum computing in material science and enhancing quantum memory device performance according to June 29 SciTechDaily reporting.

Physicists have long been pursuing the idea of simulating quantum particles with a computer that is itself made up of quantum particles. Scientists at Forschungszentrum Jülich have reported successfully completing this process together with colleagues from Slovenia. They used a quantum annealer to model a real-life quantum material and showed that the quantum annealer can directly mirror the microscopic interactions of electrons in the material. The result is a significant advancement in the field, showcasing the practical applicability of quantum computing in solving complex material science problems. Furthermore, the researchers discovered factors that can improve the durability and energy efficiency of quantum memory devices.

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