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Quantum Network Will Offer ‘Safe Haven’ for Countries’ Data

By IQT News posted 01 Mar 2021

(AA.tr) States will prefer to use quantum network technology that offers a “safe haven” to secure their data from hackers globally, according to Deniz Unay, a Turkish social media expert.
“Data flow in the quantum network cannot be copied, fragmented, or changed but can be destroyed. In this way, states aim to develop a quantum internet network, which is completely not hackable,” Unay told Anadolu Agency in an interview.
The project, carried out by the US Department of Energy for nearly 10 years, is aimed to provide “superior protection” for a secure data flow, he said. “For this system, which depends on quantum mechanics, some important prototypes have been developed.” The Department of Energy plans to use the quantum network to transfer the existing internet and local network usage to quantum internet, also known as the second internet, within the next 10 years, he said.
He shared that with 70 participants from different sectors, the Department established laboratories at 17 locations across the country to form the system’s backbone. Besides the US, EU countries and China have started working on quantum internet technology, Unay said, adding: “Last year, a quantum satellite was launched by China.”
The satellite is used to send pieces of information encoded with the sensitive photons of infrared light. In this way, a much safer data flow than existing transfer systems is provided.
Unay said China is slated to spread quantum communication technology to more than one country by 2030 to make the quantum internet more common.
Through the Quantum Internet Alliance, the EU aims to build the quantum internet in EU countries within 15 years. The internet network will first be used by the state, and later offered to the public, he said.

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