Inside Quantum Technology

‘Quantum Negativity’ Can Power Ultra-Precise Measurements

( Scientists from the University of Cambridge, Harvard and MIT, have found that a physical property called ‘quantum negativity’ can be used to take more precise measurements of everything from molecular distances to gravitational waves.
The researchers have shown that quantum particles can carry an unlimited amount of information about things they have interacted with. The finding could enable far more precise measurements and power new technologies, such as super-precise microscopes and quantum computers. “Our discovery opens up exciting new ways to use fundamental quantum phenomena in real-world applications,” said Arvidsson-Shukur.
Quantum metrology is currently used to enhance the precision of gravitational wave detection in the Nobel Prize-winning LIGO Hanford Observatory. But for the majority of applications, quantum metrology has been overly expensive and unachievable with current technology. The newly-published results offer a cheaper way of doing quantum metrology.

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