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Quantum Machines Raises $17.5 Million

(VentureBeat) Quantum Machines announced that it has raised $17.5 million in venture capital for its hardware and software system designed to help end users leverage the potential of quantum computing. Israeli entrepreneur Avigdor Willenz and venture firm Harel led the round of funding, which included participation from previous investors TLV Partners and Battery Ventures.
Earlier this year, the Tel Aviv-based startup launched its Quantum Orchestration Platform. Though not a perfect analogy, the system combines aspects of middleware and an operating system to allow end users to write more powerful applications for quantum processors.
While much of the research and hype has been focused on breakthroughs in the underlying quantum processing field, Sivan said additional layers are needed to allow developers to write algorithms to use that power.
“We build systems that operate quantum processors and allow them to realize their potential,” Quantum Machines cofounder Itamar Sivan said. “The orchestration platform, which is what we have introduced a few months back, is a hardware and software system platform that allows you to code very easily, very complex algorithms, and it will then orchestrate these algorithms on the quantum processor.”

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