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Quantum Machines (QM) Building ‘Quantum Orchestration Platform’

By IQT News posted 18 Feb 2020

(Haaertz) QM is building the classical hardware and software that will be able to send the right electric signals to the electrons – and to read the results – with minimal interference to the black wonder box. Their integrated system is called the “Quantum Orchestration Platform.” Oded Carmeli, a Haaretz Contributor, has written a lengthy and substantive article describing quantum computing overall and QM’s foundation. “Today there is separate hardware for every individual quantum computer,” Cohen says. “We are building an orchestra system that can work with every such computer and will send the most correct electrical signals to the qubits. In addition, we are developing programming language that will make it possible for us to program the algorithms – the commands. That’s a general quantum language, like C [programming language]. Today there is a potpourri of languages, each quantum computer and its language. We want our language, QUA, to be established as the standard, universal language for quantum computing.”
QM has joined the IBM Q Network, in an attempt to integrate the computer conglomerate’s programming languages into the Quantum Orchestration Platform to publish a complete complier (a complier is a computer program that can translates computer code written in one programming language into another language) by the second quarter of 2020. The complier will be able to translate every quantum programming language into the QM platform. Thus, an algorithm written in a university in Shanghai will be able to run on a quantum computer built in Google’s laboratories in, say, Mountain View.

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