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What Is Quantum Key Distribution?

( Quantum Key Distribution(QKD)  has evolved into a thriving experimental field, and is rapidly becoming a solid commercial proposition. Multiple QKD networks have been implemented around the globe, and more are in progress. The Quantum-Safe Security Working Group (QSSWG) was formed within the Cloud Security Alliance to help promote the adoption of technologies that will protect data even after quantum computing becomes readily available.
Quantum Key Distribution (QKD) addresses security challenges by using quantum properties to exchange secret information — such as a cryptographic key, — which can then be used to encrypt messages that are being communicated over an insecure channel. Key distribution is the process of sharing cryptographic keys between two or more parties to allow them to securely share information.
Quantum key distribution effectively addresses the challenges confronting classic key distribution approaches, by providing a provably secure cryptographic building block for remote parties to share cryptographic keys. For the highest security requirements, QKD even enables the continuous generation and sharing of truly random one-time pad keys.
NOTE: This is an excellent white-paper style resource from the Cloud Security Alliance for those needing to understand, plan and implement QKD.

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