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Quantum Key Distribution Networks Could Combat Quantum Encryption Threats

(DataCenterKnowledge) “Quantum-proof” encryption algorithms won’t be entirely quantum-proof. Quantum key distribution networks could be the answer.
A lot of work is underway today to create new, quantum-resistant encryption algorithms. Several candidates are currently being reviewed by the National Institute of Standards and Technology as possible standards, and it will take three to five years to sort out which ones are the most resistant to quantum computing.
The second approach is a technology called quantum key distribution. Quantum Xchange has recently deployed the first commercial key distribution network in the US. It connects companies on Wall Street with their data centers in New Jersey and will be the first leg of a planned nationwide quantum key distribution network. Quantum Xchange has partnered with a communications infrastructure provider to deploy the same technology along a 500-mile corridor stretching from Washington, D.C., to Boston.
Installing quantum key infrastructure is not substantially different or more time consuming than installing other types of network connectivity in data centers, and quantum key encryption providers are a new potential type of customer for colocation data center companies.

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