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Quantum Information Science Continues to Advance with Federal Efforts

(SearchCIO.SearchTarget) Multiple federal organizations, including the Energy Department, the National Science Foundation and the military, are investing in quantum information science research.
Federal agencies, academia and businesses across several industries are pushing quantum technology forward, with commercial applications already in the works. Leaders in this market said such activities on the federal level are important to coordinate the growing level of research and experimentation in quantum information science and to also help propel quantum from theoretical into practical.
Colleges and universities are likewise exploring the quantum market.
The tech industry, of course, is also exploring quantum.
Some real-world applications, with companies already offering commercial products leveraging quantum-based technologies. “While it’s still early in the lifespan of quantum computing, it’s already showing promising applications with practical business value,” Alan Baratz, CEO of D-Wave Systems, said in an emailed response to questions.
Based on today’s knowledge, the most probable scenario for the future will have CIOs purchasing quantum computing capabilities as a service for the niche use cases where this technology can solve problems that classical computing cannot.

Breaking News: The Inside Quantum Technology New York City event has added a presentation from the Department of Energy on “The Department of Energy Perspective” at 3:45 on April 2, 2020. More information in tomorrow’s IQT newsletter.

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