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Quantum Entanglement Between an Atom and a Molecule

(Nature) Conventional information processors convert information between different physical carriers for processing, storage and transmission. It seems plausible that quantum information will also be held by different physical carriers in applications such as tests of fundamental physics, quantum enhanced sensors and quantum information processing. Quantum controlled molecules, in particular, could transduce quantum information across a wide range of quantum bit (qubit) frequencies.
Researchers recently demonstrate entanglement between the rotational states of a 40CaH+ molecular ion and the internal states of a 40Ca+ atomic ion2. We extend methods used in quantum logic spectroscopy1,3 for pure-state initialization, laser manipulation and state readout of the molecular ion.
This work demonstrates how molecules can transduce quantum information between qubits with different frequencies to enable hybrid quantum systems. We anticipate that our method of quantum control and measurement of molecules will find applications in quantum information science, quantum sensors, fundamental and applied physics, and controlled quantum chemistry.
The researchers include: Yiheng Lin, David R. Leibrandt, Dietrich Leibfried & Chin-wen Chou.

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