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Quantum eMotion Corp announces the availability of its portable QRNG2, the fastest quantum entropy source on the market today

(NewsFileCorp) Quantum eMotion Corp.  is pleased to announce the launch of its game changer QRNG2, a new quantum random number generator (QRNG) that delivers pure entropy at 1.5 Gb/s, the highest throughput available today in a marketable QRNG.
QeM develops the next generation of QRNG solutions, based on electron quantum tunneling. The Company has several core patents that have been registered in Canada, USA, China and internationally. Our first product meets all requirements of NIST and Dieharder tests.
Bertrand Reulet, Founder and CTO of QeM, said: “We are very proud to introduce a high -performance new QRNG, based on electron quantum tunneling, a purely quantum effect that guarantees complete randomness. With an optimized configuration, this remarkable technology has the capacity to deliver > 5 Gigabits per second (“Gbps”) of full-entropy and we anticipate that a PCIe version could reach up to 20 Gb/s. Such performance levels position our devices squarely in the space of 5G communications applications and other most demanding high-speed applications.”
Random numbers are necessary to generate data encryption keys, and their quality has a significant impact on encryption strength and quality. Most current applications use pseudo-random numbers generated by algorithms to initialize or “seed” the encryption, which can compromise the encryption security. Conversely, true random numbers (those with “full entropy”) are perfectly unpredictable and help generate uncrackable cryptographic keys.
Francis Bellido, CEO of QeM commented: “Our technology is not only at the extremes of performance levels, but also shows distinctive advantages in term of robustness, scalability, and cost. In addition, it is versatile enough to be configured in an ultraportable USB-type key or embedded in a PCIe board. Our first product is a showcase for the remarkable potential of our technology platform. It can also be commercialized as a Development Platform for Cybersecurity applications in a multitude of industries such as datacenters, finances, telecommunications, military, etc. QeM is investigating developing its own applications in domains and verticals of the economy that require high quality cryptographic encryption as an integral part of their value proposition. Accordingly, our focus is on Secure Communication and Blockchain applications as they make extremely high usage of cryptography, and their effectiveness depends on strong random number generation to ensure inviolability.”
The QRNG market is expected to reach US$14 Billion by 2030 in a recent report by IQT Research that emphasizes the ever-increasing role that QRNGs will play in the fight against cyber criminality. All the major business verticals like data centers, finance, IoT, military, smartphones, to name a few, will benefit from QRNGs as a key enabling technology for quantum-level security and a welcome improvement on current cybersecurity tools and practices.

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