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Quantum Cryptography a Protection for CEO’s Facing 2019 Corporate Executive Accountability Bill

(SecurityBoulevard) Quantum cryptography is one of 12 global encryption trends that could potentially eliminate CEO’s being held accountable for harmful security incidents outside of their control.
Quantum Cryptography, also known as Quantum Key Distribution it is a secure communication method. Two parties are enabled to produce a shared random secret key which is known only to them, which can then be used to encrypt/decrypt messages, with the added ability to detect if a third party is trying to gain access to the key itself. It is known to provide greater reliability compared to a secure human courier network.  The additional 11 other encryption technologies are discussed.
Future potential CEO accountability for cyberattacks is explained in this related article about the Federal statute being discussed in the House of Representatives that would radically change the way organizations manages cybersecurity protocols and processes entitled “2019’s Corporate Executive Accountability Act”. The bill cites that CEOs will be accountable for any corporate wrongdoings that “lead to harm,” including data breaches, that affect stakeholders, including employees. In theory, once the bill is passed, a chief executive can possibly be served a prison term if an employee of his organization unknowingly clicks on a malicious hyperlink and grants universal network access.

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