Inside Quantum Technology

Quantum Computing’s Move from Tech labs to Mainstream Means Growing Quantum Career Ecosystem

(AnalyticsInsight) Quantum computing careers invite a host of researchers, designers, engineers, developers, in the community each of whose role is interconnected with and vital to the others. The diversity of a quantum career ecosystem is equally important, resulting in opportunities for internships and professionals with varying years of experience.
IBM enlists a multitude of opportunities for the Quantum specialist these include
• Superconducting Qubit Researchers
• Quantum Control Researchers
• Quantum Error Correction Researchers
• Quantum Computer Architects
• Quantum Complexity Theorists
• Quantum Algorithms Researchers
• Quantum Cryogenic Engineers
• Quantum Microwave Engineers
• Quantum FPGA Engineers
• Quantum Software Developers
• Quantum Community Builders
• Quantum User Experience Designers

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