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Quantum Computing Will be Important to Media & Entertainment for Machine Learning and Encryption

(MesAlliance) Mark Jackson, scientific lead of business development at Cambridge Quantum Computing, said quantum computing presents significant opportunities for innovation in media and entertainment and other sectors. “It’s here,” he said of quantum computing, adding: “I think that’s a fact that a lot of people don’t realize.”
Quantum computing will be important to the entertainment industry, with most of its relevance expected to be in two areas: Quantum machine learning (ML) and encryption and communication for protecting data, he said.
Quantum computers, meanwhile, present a challenge because they are also “really good at hacking” and can solve formulas used for about 99% of today’s encryptions, he said. Organizations, however, are already developing new formulas that aren’t vulnerable to quantum computing – formulas that can create hackproof communication via Quantum Entanglement in which watermarking plays a key role, he explained.

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