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Quantum Computing Will Change Transport Design

(IGNANT) Quantum computing will change how we think about mobility.
The mass adoption of autonomous vehicles, with their huge sensor arrays, means data is going to increase dramatically. But there’s a problem: there will be more data than we can efficiently process.
Quantum technology will give us the tools to work with vast data sets at a speed that is simply not achievable with classical computing.
Quantum technology will help us to take major steps towards a new future of mobility. In the immediate future, we’re likely to see the development of ‘Mobility as a Service’ (MaaS). Imagine a digital layer sitting on top of every one of a city’s different transport systems: metro network, rail, autonomous car, bus, rideshare, and so on.
Battery development is one of the most important frontiers in this field. Many researchers believe that the quantum property of ‘entanglement’ could hold the key to huge advances in battery life and reductions in charging times, significantly improving the viability of electric vehicles. Quantum batteries could be with us very soon.
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