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Quantum Computing Systems Needed to Handle Ever-Growing Processing Requirements

(BBNTimes) Quantum computing holds the most promise of supporting the expansion of technologies like IoT and artificial intelligence with ever-growing processing requirements.
Most existing computers that use conventional hardware are capable of handling most processing tasks today. But, with the increasing complexity of applications, there is a consequent increase in the need for physical systems that can support these applications. And these systems will need to be built around the core of quantum processors to be able to handle the growing demands. Quantum computing systems will be capable of performing even the most complicated mathematical tasks much faster than the best supercomputers of today. This will enable these computers to support highly functional and responsive machines, which may also include multi-functional or Artificial General Intelligence (AGI) machines.
Areas where quantum computing can make the most notable impact:
–Artificial intelligence;
–Scientific modeling;
–Meteorological prediction;
–Quantum cryptography.

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