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Quantum Computing Set to Move off ‘Revolutionary Technology Fence”

By IQT News posted 06 Jan 2021

(InterestingEngineering) Quantum computing (QC) has been sitting on the “revolutionary technology fence” for the past five to ten years. The current iterations, though still not at the technology’s peak potential, are still impressively powerful.
Large and small companies are investing vast amounts of resources in the development of quantum computers, with many arguing it could be the next big thing in the tech world. By 2025, some estimates have the quantum computing market slated to reach a valuation of $770 million. Between 2017- 2018 quantum computing experienced a “quantum gold rush” with investors pouring $450 million into quantum computing. As disruptive technology continues to mature, its incredible computing power could be used to discover life-saving drugs, develop new materials, build more efficient devices, invent financial strategies, etc.
A range of hurdles needs to be overcome before it can finally leap into revolutionary technology territory. There’s much more to building quantum computers than simply adding more qubits.Thankfully, there are companies pushing us closer to hopping the fence. Current challenges and forces moving quantum technology forward include:
Quantum computers need to become scalable
Start-ups are working to bring quantum computing into maturity
Quantum computing could help the aerospace industry reach new heights
Quantum communication networks are not too far off into the future
Quantum computing could have a role in the creation of artificial intelligence
Quantum computing will help us find new medical drugs
True quantum computing will take 5-10 years to arrive.

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